Police Dog Donation

Find out more information about the police dog donation program offered by Highland Canine Connect.

Paul LeBlanc Memorial Police Dog Donation Program

Each year, we donate one working dog to a police department or agency in need. Our program has been a huge success since its inception in 2006. In 2007, our program was officially named the Paul LeBlanc Memorial Police Dog Donation Program. Donations include the dog, handler school, certification, free in-service training and annual re-certification. Departments receiving dogs through our police dog donation program must attend a handler school at our facility.

K9 Kodiak – 2019 Police Dog Donation

Police K9 Donation Program

Kodiak is a male 1.5 year old German Shepherd/Labrador mix that is trained in Narcotics Detection, Trailing, and Obedience.  Highland Canine’s Second Chance Program worked with the kind folks at Brother Wolf Animal Shelter in Asheville, NC where he was left due to his high energy levels.  Kodiak is social with humans, is high drive and is always eager to work. During his time in our second Chance Program Kodiak showed all of the skills to be an excellent candidate for police work. Kodiak is an amazing detection dog that also excels at trailing humans on variable surfaces. Kodiak will truly make a great addition to any department or agency in need. 

After a difficult selection process, the Calhoun County (AL) Sheriff’s Office has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 Paul LeBlanc Memorial Police K9 Donation Program. Our staff had a hard time selecting this year’s recipient as there were many quality law enforcement agencies with tight budgets that were in need of K9 Kodiak’s services. We would like to thank every agency that participated and encourage you to participate in the 2020 selection process.

PAUL LEBLANC      1964 – 2007

Paul LeBlanc

Our Police Dog Donation Program is named in memory of the late Paul LeBlanc of DeSoto County Mississippi. Paul worked full time for the DeSoto County Fire Emergency Management Agency and served part-time with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office. Paul was a full time handler of both an Explosives Detection Dog and a Tracking Bloodhound. Paul was a great father and husband and an incredible friend.

Paul was a very dedicated handler and constantly strove to learn as much as he could to improve performance of the working dogs in his area.

He organized a number of programs and seminars in his area to help other handlers and working dog organizations. Paul always encouraged networking among departments and handlers and constantly attempted to incorporate new ideas to promote strong handlers and productive working dogs. Paul was also the membership director of the American Police Dog Tactics Association. Paul was an asset to the K-9 community and will greatly be missed.

Previous Police Dog Donations

Rogue – Narcotics Detection & Trailing German Shepherd

Rogue was donated to the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Rogue, a branch of State Bureau of Investigation. She is a German Shepherd that is trained in Narcotics, Trailing, as well as on/off leash obedience.  Rogue came to us from the Iredell County Animal Control and Services where she was left and slated for euthanasia due to her high level of activity. She came to our kennels through our Second Chance Program where her training as a drug detection dog soon began.

Jake – Dual Purpose Narcotics, German Shepherd


Jake was donated to the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office, NC and was the first dog that Highland Canine Training, LLC donated back in 2006. Jake is handled by F/Sgt Jeff Sharpe of the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office in Taylorsville, NC. He is a dual purpose narcotics detection dog and has been working in Alexander County since October 2006. Jake has had numerous felony arrests resulting from successful suspect tracks and narcotics searches.

Star – Single Purpose Malinois/GSD

Vail Co Police K9

Donated to the Vail Police Department , CO, Star was rescued and brought to us from the Iredell Humane Society. She entered our Second Chance Program and was trained as a single purpose narcotics dog with tracking. She was handled by Ryan Millbern of the Vail (CO) Police Department. Star had a successful large seizure of marijuana and cash after only a few days on the job and had a distinguished career working interdiction along I-70 as well as meeting school children across Colorado and Wyoming. She is now happily retired living with her handler. 

Hawk – Dual Purpose Narcotics, Belgian Malinois

Thomasville NC Police K9

Donated to the Thomasville Police Department, NC, Hawk is a Dual Purpose Narcotics/Patrol dog. He was donated in partnership with the National Criminal Enforcement Agency in 2008 at their National Conference. Hawk is trained to find Marijuana, Methamphetamines, Cocaine and Heroin and has had numerous successful seizures since being placed with the Thomasville, NC Police Department.

Jett – Single Purpose Narcotics, Labrador Retriever

Argentina Police K9

Donated to the Policia Seguridad Vial in Zarate, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jett was also a Labrador that came through our Second Chance Program.  He was donated in partnership with the 911 Fund, based out of New York, to assist the local police departments in Argentina. Jett has had several successful seizures since he began serving on the police department in Argentina.


In order to be eligible for our Police Dog Donation Program, departments must:

  • Provide a letter, on department letterhead, from the agency head requesting the donation. The letter should explain the need for a police dog and list any resources available or to be required for maintaining the dog.
  • Have the handler attend a FREE three-week course of instruction at Highland Canine Training, LLC in Harmony, NC 
  • Be responsible for travel, meals, and equipment for the handler during the course. Lodging for the handler is FREE. 
  • Agencies must complete the survey found at this link.

If you have questions about our police dog donation program, feel free to call 704.500-8367 or contact us today!