Your Support Makes Our Programs a Possibility

Our programs could not take place without the generosity of our supporters.  Highland Canine Connect is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that. advocates for the community in need through canine connections.

Making a donation is simple and all donations are tax-deductable. To donate, simply click on the DONATE button to make a fast and secure payment. 

You can also mail a  donation by completing our donation form and mailing it, along with your contribution to:

Highland Canine Connect
145 Foxfield Drive
Harmony, NC 28634

If you have any questions about making a donation, feel free to call 704.500.8367 or email us at

How do your donations help Highland Canine Connect?

Your generous donations enable Highland Canine Connect to provide services which help to strengthen the human-canine relationship. 

Here are just a few ways your donations help us to deliver fully-trained service dogs and support our local community through initiatives like our School Reading Program

volunteers socializing dogs


Socialization Outing

Service dogs need to be stable in a variety of environments. They need exposure to different public places – whether that’s an outing at a local school, a trip to a retirement home or a visit to a coffee shop or other public place. Your donation will help to ensure our volunteers can take our service dogs in training out in public, by covering the costs of dog treats and transportation.

Highland Canine Connect


Dog Food For One Month

When we train a service dog, they typically stay with us for upwards of a year. Nutrition is a vital component of their overall wellbeing and happiness. Your donation will help us to provide our dogs with a well-rounded diet – and their continued health ensures they are able to help their handlers when they are finally donated and delivered.

Highland Canine Connect
beagle waiting to be vaccinated



If you’re a dog owner, you’ll naturally be aware of the necessity to keep up with veterinary visits and shots. This is an essential responsibility, and it is no different for the dogs we are training! Your donation will help to cover the costs of vaccinations, in addition to helping with visits to the vet for regular check-ups.

Highland Canine Connect
service dog with vest


Training Equipment

Clickers, collars, treats, leashes, harnesses, wheelchairs – training a service dog or police dog involves lots of equipment. We also provide handlers with harnesses and other equipment upon delivery of their service dog. Your donation will help to cover the costs of this essential training equipment.

Highland Canine Connect
therapy dog on mat in school

Any $ Amount - You Choose!

Therapy Dog Programs in Florida

We recently launched our new Highland Canine Connect chapter in Florida! Use the button below to contribute to our Therapy Dog initiatives in Florida, which will enable us to bring these programs to the community.

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