Success Stories

Learn About The Differences Our Dogs Are Making

Eli & Fergie

Eli is a teenager based in Statesville, North Carolina. He was matched with Fergie, an Aussiedoodle who helps Eli as an autism assistance dog.

eli and fergie

Paige & Otis

In June 2019, Paige was attacked by a shark whilst swimming, leaving her with significant injuries. Otis was trained as a stability dog to help Paige with movement and mobility.

Steve & Mickey

A 9/11 first responder, Steve was matched with Mickey, who is trained as a PTSD service dog.

Jaziel & Tucson

Jaziel and Tucson make a great team! We delivered Tucson in late 2021 to Jaziel in Puerto Rico, where Tucson will help Jaziel with mobility.

jaziel and tucson service dog team

Buncombe Co. Sheriff's Office & Kora

Kora was trained as a therapy dog for the Buncombe Co. Sheriff’s Office, helping officers to cope with the stresses and harrowing events involved in their jobs.

Franklin Co. Sheriff's Department & Willie

Willie is utilized by Franklin Co.’s interdiction team to assist in removing harmful substances from the local community. 

willie labrador retriever

Craven Co. Sheriff's Department & Rhys

A lovable, hard-working Bloodhound, Rhys is trained to help locate missing individuals (including children) and fleeing subjects in the community. 

rhys bloodhound police dog donation