About Eli

Eli is a 15-year-old high school student from Statesville, North Carolina. At a young age, Eli was diagnosed with autism. He is extremely intelligent (Eli loves to earn As – even if the occasional B slips in!), artistic and very loving. He likes anime, true crime and video games.

Unfortunately, Eli struggles in overwhelming environments – to the extent that he will pick at his hands until they bleed.

About Fergie

Fergie is a one-and-a-a-half year old Aussiedoodle. Fergie will be trained to help Eli by disrupting his repetitive behavior, as well as providing deep-pressure therapy and boosting Eli’s confidence in social settings. 

How to donate

There are two ways you can make a donation. You can simply click on the donation button below to make a fast, secure payment via PayPal. Alternatively, you can complete a donation form, enclose your contribution and send it to the address below.

Highland Canine Connect
Attn: Eli & Fergie Fundraiser
145 Foxfield Drive
Harmony, NC 28634

How will your donations help Eli & Fergie?

Your donations will help to make Eli and Fergie’s partnership a reality. It can only be made possible through the generosity of our supporters.

With your donations, Fergie can be trained to provide Eli with the help and assistance he needs. 

In total, a fully-trained service dog costs approximately $15,000.

Just some of the expenses incurred in the process of providing a fully-trained service dog are:

  • Boarding the dog for well over a year, i.e. cost of dog food

  • Veterinary care, including but not limited to vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention

  • Thousands of hours of socialization, requiring a car (gas and vehicle maintenance); treats; poop bags; training equipment; money for restaurants, amusement parks, movie theaters and other places to fully socialize the dog

  • The cost of delivering the service dog to the new handler’s home, ensuring the family understands how to include the dog in their daily lives

  • Equipment provided upon delivery, such as a vest, collar, leashes, long line and training collars.
fergie service dog

Your donations make a huge difference!

Our programs can only be made possible with your support! We thank you for your generosity.

Highland Canine Connect
Attn: Eli & Fergie Fundraiser
145 Foxfield Drive
Harmony, NC 28634