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Fundraiser - Rhys & Craven Co. Sheriff's Office

About Rhys

Rhys is a large male bloodhound – and the newest addition to Craven County Sheriff’s Office!

Almost three years old, Rhys is specially trained to locate a missing person by using his incredibly strong nose. He will play a very important role at the Sheriff’s Office – no one quite has a nose like him!

Throughout his intense training, Rhys has learned how to work through several different situations in order to find the person at the end.

Not only is Rhys a hard worker – he’s also a big lover! As long as you don’t mind a little slobber, of course…

How will your donations help Rhys & the Craven Co. Sheriff's Office?

Rhys will be used by the Craven County Sheriff’s Office to help locate missing individuals (including children) and fleeing subjects in the community. Craven County is located in eastern North Carolina and has an estimated population slightly in excess of 100,000, covering 774 square miles.

As Sheriff Chip Hughes explains, Rhys will be a welcome addition to the growing canine services program at the Craven County Sheriff’s Office.

“Most of Craven County is rural and consists of large, wooded areas, where Rhys will be extremely effective conducting operations. He will be assigned to a patrol shift and will be utilized as needed throughout the county.

The Craven County Sheriff’s Office is excited to be able to utilize a tracking canine readily accessible instead of having to rely on other agencies to send us a tracking dog, which could delay a search for potentially hours.

Having Rhys will give us the capability of being able to immediately conduct a track, locate a child or an elderly person who is lost or endangered. This will allow the Sheriff’s Office the capability to safely return these individuals to their loved ones.”

rhys bloodhound police dog

Your donations make a huge difference!

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