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Fundraiser - Paige Winter & Otis

About Paige

Paige is a 17-year-old from New Bern, NC. On June 2, 2019, Paige was attacked by a shark whilst swimming in Atlantic Beach, NC. Her father, Charlie, fought off the shark to save her life.

As a result of the attack, Paige lost her left leg and sustained injuries to both of her hands.

About Otis

Otis will be trained as a stability dog. He will help Paige with movement and mobility, helping her climb stairs, get in and out of cars, open/close cabinets, and retrieving items from the floor.

How to donate

There are two ways to make a donation. You can click on the donation button below to make a fast, secure payment via PayPal. You can also complete a donation form, enclose your contribution and send it to the address below.

Highland Canine Connect
Attn: Paige & Otis Fundraiser
145 Foxfield Drive
Harmony, NC 28634

How will your donations help Paige & Otis?

Your donations will help to make this partnership a reality. It can only be made possible through the generosity of our supporters.

With your donations, Otis can be trained to provide Paige with the assistance she needs. In total, it will take approximately 60 weeks to train Otis to perform specialized tasks.

Just some of the expenses incurred in the process of providing a fully-trained service dog are:

  • Training the dog for well over a year, i.e. cost of dog food and training equipment

  • Veterinary care, including but not limited to vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention

  • Thousands of hours of socialization outings in public places

  • The cost of a 4-5 day delivery of Otis to Paige’s home, ensuring the family understands how to include the dog in their daily lives

  • Equipment provided upon delivery, such as a personalized harness, leashes, collar, training collars, crate, bowls, clickers, personalized backpack and paw booties
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Your donations make a huge difference!

Our programs can only be made possible with your support! We thank you for your generosity.

Highland Canine Connect
Attn: Paige & Otis Fundraiser
145 Foxfield Drive
Harmony, NC 28634

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