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Willie & Franklin County Sheriff's Office Fundraiser

About Willie

Meet Willie! He is a very goofy, adorable one-year-old male Black Labrador Retriever.

Alongside his winning personality, Willie also has a drive to work and an excellent career ahead of him as a narcotics detection dog.

With extensive training in the field of narcotics detection, Willie understands his job and alerts to these illegal drugs with precision. He has undergone training in a wide variety of real-life scenarios to prepare him for the demands of the job.

Willie always has a smile on his face and is overjoyed when he gets the chance to search.

How will your donations help Willie & the Franklin County Sheriff's Office?

Willie will be utilized by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office specialized interdiction team to assist in removing harmful substances from the local community.

We asked Willie’s future handler – Jake Winstead – how Willie will help once he is placed with the Sheriff’s Office.

“I work on the community action team. We work the main highways in Franklin County to reduce wrecks and traffic hazards, while also conducting drug interdiction coming into or through our county.

We also work areas that have a lot of crime complaints, ranging from property crimes to drug crimes.

Willie will also be used at the jail and all of the schools in the county from the local colleges to middle school. There are 16 schools here.

In total, we have 67,000 residents and 494 square miles to cover in our county. Willie will also be assisting with narcotics search warrants.”

willie labrador retriever

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