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SynergyLabs To Donate Two Fully Trained Service Dogs To Veterans In Burke County, NC

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SynergyLabs, a manufacturer of pet specialty products, has agreed to fund the expenses of two fully-trained service dogs to veterans in Burke County, NC. The dogs will be provided and trained by Highland Canine Connect, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Harmony, NC.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, SynergyLabs distributes a variety of pet products, including grooming aids, stain and odor products, training aids and nutritional supplements, with products sold all over the world. Their expansion into Burke County will create over 230 jobs and is projected to boost the local economy by an estimated $968 million.

highland canine connect at synergylabs

Richard Ticktin, Founder and CEO of SynergyLabs, is a huge animal lover. In addition, he is a supporter of our veterans who make the ultimate sacrifice. Through their generosity, SynergyLabs will be funding the expenses to train not only one – but two – fully trained service dogs. These dogs will be donated to two veterans in the Burke County area, 

Expenses for training a service dog runs into thousands of dollars, as the cost of food, equipment, training expenses and socialization can be significant.

Highland Canine Connect is honored to have been chosen to fulfill the duty of training these two service dogs. Erin Purgason, founder of Highland Canine Connect, said, “We are extremely excited about our partnership with SynergyLabs.

“Earlier this year, I took a tour of the facility they are renovating. It is going to be amazing! Their generous donation will enable us to give back to those who have risked everything for their country.”

SynergyLabs has also requested that the dogs be donated by a breeder or pulled from a rescue shelter. One of each has been chosen for these donations. Alvin was donated to Highland Canine Connect by Country Poos and Doos, and Koda was recently pulled from the shelter in Hendersonville, NC. These dogs will be trained and ready to assist as soon as possible.

koda service dog in training

The dogs will be donated to two veterans located in Burke County, NC. If you are a veteran and interested in applying for a service dog as part of this program, please fill out our preliminary application below, and a member of the Highland Canine Connect team will be in contact shortly.

Burke County, NC Veteran Service Dog Application



You can also follow Highland Canine Connect on Facebook and Instagram as we prepare these incredible dogs for their future homes. We are truly honored to be chosen for this position and can’t wait to see the difference these dogs will make!

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